Karak Tea

A best-selling tea across the Gulf region. Ancient in its ingredients, unique in its flavor, and distinguished in its preparation, our karak tea premixes come in a variety of options to satisfy all tastes and desires. Whether it is sweetened or unsweetened, all flavors can be prepared in less than a minute! Sit back, relax, and enjoy your warm cup of karak tea.

Karak Tea

This type of tea is different than any other known conventional teas. Karak is a word that represents the process of repeating the Tea-Boiling process to come up with a strong tea. It is an indian “Urdu” term that was known later on by the people from the Gulf region through intensive business trading with India while Gulf traders journeyed to India to bring various goods. From that time the journey of Karak Tea has begun spreading to the Gulf countries.

Karak Tea Product

  • Karak Teas are made of the finest Kenyan tea enriched with milk and premium sugarcane extract. It’s optionally complimented with exotic flavors to bring the most refined experience. Our flavors are cardamomKashmiri saffron, Coffeeginger and cinnamon.
  • The ingredients’ Taste and quality are well preserved by our premium easy tear packs. Also, it comes in Dulce Gusto compatible capsules.

Our Journey

Our journey started by developing a distinguished Karak Tea product that is authentic and can be prepared in a matter of seconds, maintaining the original aroma and the richness of the traditional Karak Tea. Avoiding any preservatives or artificial food coloring, we have succeeded in producing our Karak Tea that has milk calcium, vitamins and beneficial minerals. We have developed more flavors in our long journey and each flavor is a star by its own, we spent years serving love and we consider ourselves at the beginning of our journey as we have lots and lots to provide.

About Us

  • Karak Tea, is a registered trademark and its propriety of San Ramon General Trading, manufactured in India by a dedicated Karak Tea production factory “Aastha Enterprises”.
  • We pride ourselves on being the first choice for Karak Tea lovers worldwide!. we deliver our products domestically and internationally B2B and B2C.
  • Karak Tea instant premixes are premium product. “Have it once and we guarantee that it will be the top favorite on your hot-drinks list!”